Lion Heart of the School ist der zehnte Teil der Highschool DxD Light Novel Saga und deckt die dritte Hälfte der Heroic Oppai Dragon Arc ab.



  • Life.0
  • Life.1 The Preparations of the School Festival!
  • Life.2 A Maiden's Heart is Complicated.
  • Life.3 The Battle to Decide who is the Strongest Youth Begins!
    • King
  • Life.4 As a Servant of Rias Gremory.
    • Pawn
  • Life. MAX VS MAX Power: Sekiryuutei MAN VS Shishiou MAN
  • Life. MAXIMUM VS POWER MAXIMUM: Crimson and Red
    • Emperor
    • Indra
  • New Life
  • Extra Life The Dream that Does NOT End, and the Dream that Ends.